Dino Swing

The Dino Swing attracts children like a magnet. The multiple directions in swinging high together, make the children return for more play, time and time again. The tyre seat has room for more children to be seated or standing while swinging. This makes the seat versatile. The whirling swing movements of the Dino swing train the child’s sense of balance and space. These motor skills are fundamental for body awareness and spatial judgement, for instance when navigating street traffic securely. Swinging the tyre of the Dino Swing trains major muscle groups, and jumping off builds up bone density. Swinging with peers and friends trains important social skills such as turn-taking and negotiation. The soothing or wild swing movements support risk-taking judgement skills. The movements cause both thrill, laughter and relaxation. The Dino Swing helps build friendships in play.