Wacky Spinner

WOW! Once they try it, children don’t want to stop: the sensation of combined rotation and rocking is so much fun. It is great, challenging balance and proprioception training for older children to manage the rotating rocker. The distance to the ground makes it a pretty conscious choice whether you think you can stay on the Wacky Spinner once it starts rotating and rocking. But for less skilled balancers, there is a possibility to sit, or lie, on the slightly curved rubbery surface. More children can be seated back to back, or stand close together and rotate and rock. This encourages cooperation and turn-taking. When placed more together, the Wacky Spinners invite games with rules, e.g. who can stay the longest. Knowing how to position your body to stay on the Wacky Spinner trains movement planning which is important for instance in sports.