Multispinner Carousel

The quirky look of the fabulous Multispinner Carousel attracts children to try it out again and again. Easily accessible due to its inclination having one lower and one higher end, the Multispinner embraces both younger and older children. The bowls make comfortable seating options. The middle part is a show-of stage for those with extremely good balance skills. With great cooperation skills, the Multispinner can be spun from seated position, having children coordinate their swinging movements, leaning forwards and backwards in an agreed rhythm. Thus the Multispinner, apart from being great fun, trains cooperation and team work. The spinning movement is a great training of the vestibular system, the sense of balance in particular. The sense of balance is fundamental to for instance the ability to sit still on a chair, concentrating. In other words, the Multispinner is great play with a purpose.