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children playing indoor at a mall on service and workshop toddler station

Themed play stations for learning

KOMPAN’s toddler stations interpret real life environments in an age-appropriate size and scale. The familiar environments (e.g. home and garden) give the young child an important sense of belonging and an understanding of his or her place in the world. The play panels stimulate the child’s creative and cognitive skills and the opportunity to play from all sides allows children to play side by side. The toddler stations are placed on top of the surface without supports in the ground making it an extremely flexible solution to move around. Place it inside or outside. It’s your choice.

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Spinners & Carousels

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Toddler Equipment

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Toddler Stations

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Themed Play

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Play Panels

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Our toddler stations are specifically designed to offer both creative and cognitive growth opportunities for young minds. As a playground interpretation of common real-life environments, toddler stations challenge children to become increasingly familiar with spaces that are already known. This strikes a perfect balance between providing children with an environment they are already comfortable in whilst creating an important sense of belonging and understanding of their place in the world.

Equally important, toddler stations offer an incredibly varied range of play solutions. Each one is designed to emulate a real-world space and be engaging regardless of what side you are facing. Perfect for both individual and cooperative play, the stations can also promote soft skills like communication and hypothetical thinking which can have a notable impact on future achievement and attainment.

Building upon this further, each of the educational toddler stations can be hosted indoors or outdoors, suiting your playground environments needs and availability. At Kompan, we strive to produce scientifically supported, intricately-tested playground equipment solutions that exceed expectations and excite children whilst simultaneously helping their development. Our toddler stations are a fundamental example of this philosophy at work, offering versatility, varied development opportunities and attractive, colourful designs.