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Where can you find the happiest toddlers on the playground? Look for the toddler playground equipment, where they're engaged in age-appropriate challenges.

The trip to the playground is the center of their rich, uncomplicated lives. Here, the big, friendly shapes and vibrant colours introduce them to nature, wildlife and everyday life, at their level. They'll meet the caterpillar, who's the same size as the giraffe and elephant, and it makes perfect sense! Logic isn't needed for infant playground equipment, it's simply tactile fun! The cars and houses are recognizable too, but these pint-sized versions are much more exciting than the real thing. As their tiny hands manipulate the movable features on the toddler playground structures, they activate their young brains, and when done with others, jump start friendships.

KOMPAN’s infant playground equipment is the first step in their lifelong journey of play and discovery. See for yourself by exploring our products below!

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Play Grounded in Research 

Creating research-driven playground equipment that provides critical development opportunities and grabs the attention of children is deeply rooted in KOMPAN's DNA. It's a balance that separates an average play environment from an exceptional one, and our toddler playground equipment is crafted with this philosophy in mind. 

Like many aspects of child development, basic skills are introduced early and refined over time. We aim to guide infants through their journey by providing them with fun, engaging outdoor toddler play equipment that introduces the essential skills they'll inevitably perfect. It's this combination that makes a toddler-friendly playground a place for long-term benefits through every short-term gain.

Intriguing Toddler Equipment 

From swings and springers to thematic play structures, our range of toddler playground equipment caters to almost any taste or need, helping your playground attract everyone. The playful, colourful designs invite children to participate in dramatic and cooperative play, helping them develop social skills they'll use as they grow older. Additionally, our toddler climbing equipment helps develop fine and gross motor skills and brings spatial awareness over their rapidly-growing bodies.

Playhouses and themed playground equipment or sand & water play are other great toddler playground ideas. Make the most of your toddler-friendly playground by learning more about child development on our preschool playground page.