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The commercial playground seesaw is an iconic and classic playground equipment characterized by a narrow board supported by a midpoint between both ends; as the weight shifts, one end goes up, and the other goes down. For centuries the school playground seesaw has been one of the essential pieces of equipment: a plank balanced on a central support. Today, the seesaw has evolved to more than a plank, but the joy and excitement of rocking are the same. We offer different playground seesaw designs in a variety of shapes and sizes, including traditional and Springer Seesaws. With our multi-user commercial playground seesaws, children can share the fun and rock all day long! Our seesaw range uses two, three, and even four ground-embedded springs to create a movement which is not just up and down but much like a teeter-totter, which can move horizontally and hold multiple seats. Whether at a school yard or community park, children love the up-and-down ride of a commercial playground seesaw.

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Benefits of Commercial Playground Seesaws

Despite being relatively simplistic, a commercial playground seesaw provides essential development skills. The thrill of rocking with a friend or in small groups advances social skills while training muscles and motor skills.

A school playground seesaw challenges children's balance and coordination, helping to develop these skills. The rocking up-and-down motion of seesaws provides sensory stimulation, helping to develop children's awareness.  Seesaws also promote social interaction and cooperation as children must work together and take turns balancing the equipment for successful play. Our range broadens the potential for activities and friendships since many children of all abilities can join play activities, despite their age or skill level, making seesaws a versatile addition to any public playground.

Safe and Exciting Play with Our Commercial Playground Seesaws 

Seesaws, sometimes called teeter-totters, are a playground classic - and we've been making them for years. KOMPAN's story started with the springer 'The Crazy Hen' back in the 1970s. The Crazy Hen is not characterized as a seesaw, but KOMPAN’s design team instantly saw that the spring support had immense potential, especially if you employed more than one. Today, our extensive range of commercial playground seesaws comes in many shapes, sizes and themes. We offer traditional seesaws for two, with three seats and several large seesaws for more than eight users.

How to Choose the Right Seesaw

When choosing a commercial playground seesaw, there are a few things to consider. First, consider the intended user. Second, note the size of your play space, along with capacity. A smaller outdoor play equipment seesaw may fit into a smaller space, while some of our high-capacity seesaws, fit for ten users, are better for a larger play area and will require more fall space around the actual equipment. Last, have a theme in mind. At KOMPAN, we offer great flexibility in terms of color and aesthetics. Your playground style often goes hand-in-hand with the intended age group. Do you have an ocean theme in mind? In that case, a seesaw featuring sharks or octopuses will enhance the overall theme of your playground. Selected seesaw products are available in GreenLine versions with low-carbon emissions created mainly from post-consumer ocean waste.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do we get started?

Your first step is choosing the right products from KOMPAN's extensive range of playground equipment. We encourage you to explore our website and get inspired by the amazing outdoor playgrounds we have installed around the world. Our experienced support team can help with a plan to create your own unique playground solution. Feel free to contact us for any questions or for a quote.

2. How strong are the springs in the commercial playground seesaw?

The springs in a KOMPAN playground seesaw design are engineered to make the most optimal movement for many users. The unique designed PA6 brackets fixated with stainless steel hardware ensures the highest safety during play. The springs are cleaned, primed and powder coated for high durability in any environment around the world.

3. Do the triangular three-seat versions need three children to work properly?

Effectively yes, but that is their strong point. The three-seat seesaw encourages more open friendships and avoids the exclusion setup a ‘best-friend situation’ can often generate. A fourth friend can get involved by standing on the central pivotal platform. 

4. What’s the warranty on a commercial playground seesaw?

KOMPAN seesaw playground equipment is designed with a variety of materials. The EcoCoreTM HDPE plates and hot dip galvanized steel parts have a lifetime warranty against production defects. The spring systems and other movable parts have five-year warranties.

5. What are the weight limits of the seesaws?

All our seesaws are tested to be compliant with relevant safety standards. The weight capacity varies from product to product.

6. What is the lifespan of the spring used?

KOMPAN Springs are made of high-quality spring steel, according to EN10270. We have industry-leading warranties on all components, and the spring has a five-year warranty.

7. Are they weather-resistant?

The wooden beams on our commercial playground seesaw has been pressure treated to prevent rotting, but they are not water resistant.

8. Can they be customized to fit a specific theme?

Yes! From horse-themed panels to sea creature-themed panels, there are a variety of styles to choose from for your school playground seesaw. Please contact your local play consultant if you have queries about specific themes. We are happy to help!

9. Can they be installed on the existing surfacing, or do they need a specific one?

It depends. Please contact your local play consultant to learn more on surfacing.

10. Are playground seesaws safe?

Yes, commercial playground seesaws are safe when designed and installed properly. At KOMPAN, we use high-quality, commercial-grade materials that are extremely durable and comply with strict safety standards that regulate the height and fall space dimensions of our seesaws.

We also take extra precautions to ensure our seesaws are safe for children by providing safety flooring to absorb falls and clear zoning around the seesaws to prevent collisions with other playground equipment.

11. Do seesaws still exist and are they still popular?

Absolutely! Seesaws are still widely used as essential playground equipment worldwide. Mostly, seesaws are used in smaller playgrounds, like a community or school playground since large modern playgrounds often install larger, more complex playground systems.