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children playing on inclusive playground panel at a park

Putting fun & learning in their hands

In free play, children learn by following their natural play instincts, and they improve fundamental developmental skills along the way.

With KOMPAN’s playground sensory panels, you'll get an extra dimension of education through play. The playground activity panels allow adults to join children in play and even guide them in learning: drawing on the chalk boards, composing a song on the music panels, or by planting a little seed in the vegetable garden box and watching its growth. KOMPAN’s music and learning panels are the pieces of designing a learning area that fits your vision.

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Spinners & Carousels

Children on a playground birds nest swing


boys playing on a playground spring rider in a park


children in a park playing on a seesaw playground equipment


children sliding down a commercial playground slide in australia


children in kindergarten playing with sand and water playground equipment

Sand & Water Play

toddler playing on KOMPAN commercial play houses in a GreenLine edition

Playhouses & Themed Play

toddler swinging on playground swing for toddlers

Toddler Equipment

children playing in a kindergarten on a toddler station mimicking a greenhouse

Toddler Stations

children playing in a car themed playground equipment

Themed Play

two boys playing music on inclusive playground panel at a park

Play Panels

children playing on playground equipment that trains balance

Balancing & Climbing

boy playing and laughing on a playground cableway in a public park


Children spinning and hanging onto a twisting rope net on a playground

Twisting Nets

Children lounging on outdoor meeting point furniture at school

Meeting Points & Accessories

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Panels Playground Equipment: a Wide Range of Play 

Play is a powerful way for younger children to learn. Themed, musical, abstract, sensory, or educational; these interactive play panels hold engaging developmental opportunities for children of all abilities. It's also a safe space on the playground for children to explore while playing in solitude, or side-by-side with a friend.

Playground panels and musical playground equipment are growing in popularity, sprouting up in more and more outdoor spaces across the country. They're infectious in encouraging abstract thought and creativity – two soft skills that can be tough to teach and best explored organically.

Want to discover more sensory playground equipment? Check out our sand & water play or toddler playground equipment.

Interactive Playground Panels: Pick your Color

Our playground wall panels come in a vibrant color palette that instantly draws children in. Make an eco-friendly choice with GreenLine commercial playground panels. They're designed with materials of the lowest possible CO2e emission factor, like our EcoCore panels, which are created with 100% post-consumer recycled ocean waste. 

Contact your local play consultant to discuss your options, or use our product configurator to see what's available.