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Playground playhouse: Setting the stage for fun

Change your lens and take things in like a child, and the world gets a whole lot bigger. So how nice must it be when "home sweet home" is shrank down to their size? An outdoor playhouse playground encourages children to play together, share in the imaginative story, and communicate; the first stage in forming a community.

Themes and an open design present excellent opportunities for children to develop their language skills through dramatic role play. From toothy Crocodiles to the galactic Triple Shifter, these themes have yet to be experienced in reality, but they open the door to colourful new worlds and understanding the value of friendship.

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What are the benefits of a commercial playground playhouse? 

Children learn through play, and through pretend play, they can practice engaging in their world. A playground playhouse encourages children into unstructured, imaginative play that promotes creativity, free from any "rules" or instructions. Children engage in themed play, act out social behaviours, and express themselves while practicing vital skill sets.

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Commercial playhouses Materials and Colours 

Our playhouse playgrounds are available in hardwood Robinia, steel, pine and HDPE. The hardwood Robinia range offers a more natural and organic look. With a sweeping roof and varying heights, this range will bring a more natural setting to any playground. The Moments Mini (PCM) range is customizable with either steel or hardwood posts and nine play panels options to tailor the perfect playhouse for your needs.