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girl having fun on a playground zipline in a public park in England

Playground Zipline and Cableways: The Ultimate Thrill

At schools and parks across Canada, children are lining up for one of the most popular pieces of playground equipment, the zipline!

Even the wait for the ride is a development opportunity for children. As they eagerly anticipate their thrilling ride, they improve their social skills by chatting with peers, and they practice empathy and consideration for others by taking turns.  After their exhilarating ride has ended, there is a moment of social responsibility as they check if anyone is waiting for the seat to be returned to the start platform.

KOMPAN's Double Cableway turns the fun up a notch. Children have the opportunity to socialize as they glide side-by-side down the playground zipline. Additionally, this style of zipline playground equipment adds an element of friendly competition. Children can learn the important life skills of winning, losing and good sportsmanship.

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Why is Zipline Playground Equipment so much fun? 

Commercial playground ziplines are a great addition to any site. From the wait in line to hopping off the seat at the end of their ride, children will love the whole experience! As with any freestanding unit, zipline playground equipment can complete your play area. A ride on a playground zipline takes the tried-and-true swinging experience to the next level. Anticipating the ride from the freestanding zipline platform, getting a hold of the seat, and experiencing the stomach-tickling thrill as their feet leave the ground, and finally, free flying down the zipline: What a fantastic feeling!  

Kicking off the platform can be a big leap of faith for children new to the playground with a zipline, and a grand sense of achievement comes with overcoming the challenge. It brings a big boost of confidence, and it's why children head back to the start to do it all again time after time!  

The Benefits of Playground Ziplines 

The playground zipline's magnetic pull lies mainly in the exhilarating thrill of gliding through the air. The speed and feeling of weightlessness trains spatial awareness and a child's understanding of gravity, space, and speed. This understanding is necessary for the tasks of daily life, like managing traffic safely. Children will practice their social skills before and after their turn, by either chatting in line or returning the seat to their next friend in line. That running and pulling also works the child's cardio and upper body muscles. 

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Don't hesitate to reach out to your nearest play consultant for more information on which playground zipline suits your play area best.   

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the best zipline for my playground?

Our playground ziplines are available for both sloped and flat spaces. We can help you determine which option will be best.

Is zipline playground equipment safe?

Absolutely. Our equipment is tested and certified to EN standards. Ziplines are a thrilling playground experience, and children will decide for themselves whether they'd like the exhilarating glide down the cableway, or if they'll save it for a later day.