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Nella progettazione di un parco giochi il castello è sempre uno tra gli elementi più desiderati. Perch'? I bambini adorano il gioco di ruolo ed immaginare di essere coraggiosi cavalieri o principesse. Potrai scegliere il castello che più si adatta alle esigenze del tuo parco grazie alla varietà di design disponibili. Ogni castello KOMPAN offre sfide ed opportunità di gioco sempre nuove, dove i bambini potranno esprimere le loro abilità sociali, fisiche e cognitive.

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A ticket to adventure, KOMPAN’s Castles are built so that they can be adjusted and enlarged. The perfect way to stretch a budget whilst keeping the facility fresh. From the single Tower your playground can grow to include additional ramparts and gates.

Outdoor play offers amongst the best and most valuable forms of development activity. The events of 2020 have underlined just what it means to be without it. If there are any positives from the global lockdown it is in the realisation of what it means to get out and enjoy life and the importance of fresh air in terms of basic health. The value of the playground has never been so understood.

The castle range is an invitation to play, but more so an introduction to the skills of life. Creative play helps build language and communication skills, as well as encouraging and improving teamwork. When kids play, they develop games realising that they have to work together to get the most out of them. Through fun children develop skills that are foundations for their entire lives. To find out more about any of KOMPAN’s products or services, to open the door to the outside, get in touch today.

FAQ about castles and ships

Castle or ship? Which should we choose?

Both options offer boundless play opportunities. Ask the children, they are the best barometer of what is most appreciated. They, like all KOMPAN products, last a lifetime so be careful to take the long-term view. Regardless of what is currently ‘in’ castles and ships have proven to be time resistant.

How tall are the towers in a playground castle?

The standard tower in KOMPAN’s MOMENTS Castle range is 4.70 meters tall. In the new Giants series, the Palace almost doubles that to nine meters, but it’s a palace, not a fortress, a different play experience.

How to create the ultimate playground?

KOMPAN offers numerous solitaire themed products like slides and springers that can be used to design a totally unique solution with room for numerous children.