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Handcrafted like fine furniture

The play sculptures are handcrafted by dedicated craftsmen who are masters of turning wood into art. Through their passion and expertise, your sculpture end up having the finish of the finest pieces of furniture. And why? Because we are dedicated to good design and giving children the best possible equipment to play on. 

Special landmarks

Through a unique design expression, Robinia Play Sculptures allow you to create a brand mark that tells your story in a playful and head-turning way. The story driven design unites people and entire communities, making the Play Sculpture a joyful, go-to centerpiece for everyone. 

Nature's most durable material

Robinia wood is one of the most durable woods available. It can withstand heavy usage and can even pass the toughest possible test - Nature's test - being outside in all weather conditions. This featured Robinia playground stands flawless after being flooded in the winter and completely dried out during summer.