Giant L, Sensory

WOW! The Giant L, Sensory is awesome aesthetics, fun and function combined. The amazing color changes of the towers attract children from afar. And the thrilling and fun play variety up high and on ground level make them come back again and again. The towers have see-through panels, so that children can sense the thrilling heights, and the meandering climbs up are over steep steps and open ropes. Apart from being fun, the climbs train the motor skills and muscles intensely. Wild slides provide fast egresses but also train the children’s sense of balance and space. On ground level, a wealth of wilder and gentler play activities invite for playing together: Gently swaying hammocks, seats and hangout podss offer points for socializing and relaxing. The amazing drawing wall adds an opportunity to enjoy the sensory effects of the tactile and responsive two-colored rollers that children can make visual patterns and codes with.