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design idea of a multi use games area in a city centre

A multi use game area in the middle of the city

In the cities there is always a lack of space, and nowadays cites have not been designed for an active lifestyle. There is always traffic and people moving around, and as we all know, balls and cars are not a good match. Luckily there is a growing willingness to create spaces where children and adults can be active with ball sports and other activities. This MUGA is the perfect solution for a densely populated area because, first of all, it is tall and fully closed which ensures that all balls stay within the court. Secondly, it has a very open and transparent design, it is easy to see what is happening on the court, and it does not block the light or view. All in all it is a great little multi sport area which offers a huge amount of functionality in a safe and enclosed environment.


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Muga, 12x24m, Acciaio


Muga, 12x24m, Acciaio

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