Award to outdoor strength equipment

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Outdoor strength equipment wins Australian Good Design Award 2022

The Good Design Awards Jury said:

“Durable outdoor strength training machines for all ages and abilities that feature user-friendly interaction points and a strong focus on ergonomics. We hope to see more of these in our public spaces!”

Strength Training Machines received a prestigious Good Design Award Winner Accolade in the Product Design category in recognition of outstanding design and innovation.

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outdoor strength equipment

Fitness as you know it - taken outdoors

KOMPAN Strength Training is fitness as you know it from indoors - to the great outdoors. We use the same biomechanics and resistance mechanics known from indoor fitness, but we have added the necessary features for safety in unsupervised areas, durability to last in the outdoors, and optimized simplicity to accommodate all users.

Our low carbon emission playgrounds, GreenLine also won the Good Design Award, read more about it here

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