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Play & Train - Outdoor Fitness & Play Design Solution

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Outdoor community fitness and play area for children and their parents

Outdoor activity area for the entire family

This outdoor fitness solution will inspire people of all ages to play and train. It will trigger a natural desire to engage in activities where speed, agility, and stamina combine under the simple concept of playing. This activity area is fun and challenging and its role is the broadest of all KOMPAN solutions - Develop tomorrow’s adults.

For children, exercising means playing while being physically active. They improve their muscle strength on the BLOQX, develop a good balance while spinning on the Supernova, and train their endurance when scaling the Giant towers. The combination of play and fitness equipment allows parents to work out while their children enjoy the playground. Parents will be active role models, inspiring their children to live healthy and active life throughout their childhood and become active adults.

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