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Outdoor community fitness and play area for children and their parents

Outdoor activity area for the entire family

The natural desire to move with speed, agility, and stamina combined is inherently there for children and grown adults alike. While the two areas of activity look different, the physical challenges and fun found at both lend to the simple concept of playing. Play & Train is one of KOMPAN's broadest solutions that best speaks to our mission of creating happier and healthier communities. After all, today's children are tomorrow’s adults.

For kids, exercising tends to mean physical movement within play. They improve their muscle strength on the BLOQX, develop their sense of balance while spinning on the Supernova, and improve their endurance when scaling the Giant towers. By using the wooden outdoor fitness equipment in close proximity to a playground, parents can work out while watching their children enjoy the play equipment. Parents will be active role models, showing them that an active lifestyle is also a fun lifestyle.


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