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Sydbyens Bevægelses Park

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Newly discovered opportunities pay off big!

Successful fundraising grew the Danish soccer club, FC Horsen's budget by 5x. What followed next was the development of a large community park on the club's grounds with 5 multi-use game areas for various sports, outdoor fitness activities, and play opportunities for all ages and abilities.

FC Horsen initially had a budget of only a single multi-use game area. However, after reaching out to KOMPAN, they realized that fundraising could present them with new opportunities for creating something even bigger and better. KOMPAN helped the club see the opportunities they didn't know they had and led the application process for the relevant funding FC Horsen needed.

SydbyensBevægelsespark Horsens DK Fitness FAZ201 FRE2110 FRE600102 FAZ603 FAZ601 FAZ606 FAZ607
FAZ603 DK Sydbyens-bevægelsespark-with-people trainer ID-809FA2F6 4666
FAZ50101 DK Sydbyens-bevægelsespark-with-people ID-809FA2F6 4350
FRE601001 DK Sydbyens-bevægelsespark-with-people community ID-809FA2F6 4948
FSW215 FSW221 DK Sydbyens-bevægelsespark-with-people
FAZ102 DK Sydbyens-bevægelsespark man-and-woman ID-809FA2F6 4871
FSW211 obstaclecourse DK Sydbyens-bevægelsespark-with-people ID-809FA2F6 3974
Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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