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Freilassing Sportspark

The biggest outdoor fitness park in Europe

Health is the most important thing in life is one of Max Aicher's main principles, and a new way of promoting this has come to life with a big outdoor fitness facility in his own sports park.

The main idea for the outdoor gym was to create an area that reflects the training possibilities and flexibility of the indoor gym. The design of the new outdoor fitness park has succeeded in doing this, and today all members get the possibility to do sports outside in the spring and summertime when the weather is nice.

"I can only recommend it to everyone. It is not just a trend. The park is addictive."

Michael Gillitz, Head of Sports Park - Sportpark Freilassing

Fun sport in four zones

The outdoor fitness park is divided into four zones. Each zone offers a different fitness experience and that way targets a different user group - young or old.

  1. The street workout zone features outdoor calisthenics equipment, allowing the community’s top athletes a space to engage in rigorous workouts.

  2. The cross-training zone has various equipment with adjustable resistance, making this area perfect for beginners, seniors, and even those with disabilities.

  3. The boot camp zone is great for those looking to break a sweat in a group workout class or personal training session.

  4. The free space zone is intended for stretching, outdoor yoga, or dance classes.

Overall, the park is similar in size to a football field, allowing more than 150 people to workout at the same time.

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Joy of movement: motor skills, muscle, cardio and bone density
Joy of being together: teamwork, tolerance and sense of belonging

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