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Wooden outdoor gym equipment - Robinia fitness by KOMPAN

Are you looking to create a wooden outdoor gym that’s suitable for most workout routines and attracts users from all age groups and backgrounds? Meet KOMPAN’s wooden outdoor gym equipment constructed from durable Robinia wood.

Robina wood is one of most suitable wood types for outdoor fitness spaces, as the wood's natural preservatives and oils make it highly resistant to the elements. This means that your wooden exercise equipment keeps it functionality and great looks for years to come. Our Robinia wooden outdoor fitness equipment is practically maintenance-free and lasts for many years in the outdoors. 

Our portfolio includes wooden outdoor gym equipment from two fitness disciplines that have been popular since the ‘70s and ‘80s – namely Street Workout and Obstacle Courses. As times have changed, these structures have mainly kept their urban steel look. Today, KOMPAN's Robinia Fitness line allows nature and the natural elements you see outside to inspire your favorite outdoor workout.

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    High-quality wooden outdoor gym equipment

    Attracted by the fresh air, beautiful natural surroundings, and the opportunity to work out, people across the world are moving their fitness routine outdoors. Whether you want your wooden exercise equipment to blend into a natural environment or hope to bring nature into an urban environment, Robinia wood is the right choice. Robinia wood is a very strong and long-lasting material with a high level of natural oils, making it the perfect choice for durable exercise equipment that's almost maintenance-free and lasts for many years. If you are going to climb the monkey bars, why not climb like a monkey would, feeling the wood from an actual tree?

    KOMPAN's outdoor fitness equipment in wood

    Today, we produce two of our outdoor fitness equipment products lines in wood comparable to equipment you would find indoors - Obstacle Courses and Street Workout.

    The Obstacle Course is designed to bring joy to people of all ages and abilities. It challenges and develops both mental and physical strength. Scalable difficulty levels make it work for both young or old - fitness beginner or expert. One obstacle course, one objective - but many routes to get there.

    The Double Overhead Ladder, more commonly known as "The Monkey Bars" is a popular challenge on the Obstacle Course, due to the various exercises it offers. Besides climbing, it also offers space for eight people to perform pull-up exercises or to attach suspension trainers for a full-body workout. See All In Obstacle Courses.

    The Street Workout line of products offers a comprehensive fitness system based on calisthenics. These products provide a huge degree of flexibility in every piece of equipment, but the bigger the setup, the greater the opportunities. Street workout equipment is also ideal for ‘pop-in’ exercises because it doesn't take much planning to create a complete circuit training session.

    The Combi 5 Robinia combination package holds all the essential elements for you to create complete outdoor workouts. With ten different workout stations in one, this combination package offers a superior street workout and calisthenics experience. Check out all our outdoor calisthenics equipment in our Street Workout line.

    Sustainable and certified wooden outdoor equipment

    The Robinia wood and pine harvested for our products come from sustainable forestry. Meaning the wood used is bred for harvesting and planting, and the harvesting pris carefully controlled. You can read more on our sustainability here. Additionally, at KOMPAN, we use wood from FSC-certified sources.

    Customize your wooden outdoor fitness zone

    No two projects are the same and we understand that every one of our customer's requirements has to be met with precision. Because of that, all of our products can be customized to fit perfectly within your scope. If you're looking to build a wooden outdoor fitness zone, contact us and we can customize the solution right for you. Contact Your Local Expert.

    Looking to build a complete outdoor playground? Explore our complete outdoor fitness solutions or build your playground from the ground up using our CardioStrengthCross Training, or Multisport equipment lines.

    Building a playground for people of a certain age? You'll find outdoor exercise equipment for seniors in our Stay Fit product line.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Do outdoor gyms work?

    While many outdoor facilities are promoted as gyms, they do not provide weight or resistance training equipment and focus on improving mobility. This main distinction has created a negative image on the idea of outdoor gyms, portraying them as ineffective to indoor counterparts. However, KOMPAN has developed true outdoor fitness equipment that is suitable for both high-volume calisthenics and weight training. Now, those same great products are made out of a durable and long-lasting Robinia wood. Additionally, outdoor gyms provide the benefit of being in nature and enjoying fresh air, in contrast to enclosed - and sometimes crowded - spaces like indoor gyms.

    Is wood a good material for outdoor fitness equipment?

    As a general rule, many durable hardwood types are great for outdoor fitness equipment. However, through research and more than 50 years of experience, we have found Robinia wood to be one of the most durable wood materials for most types of outdoor equipment, is a statement confirmed by external research. We use Robinia wood throughout all our product series - such as our natural playground equipment - on thousands of projects around the globe, all of which ensures that this is a quality material. Other than the natural look and feel, Robinia wood is also often chosen for being a very strong and long-lasting material, with a very high level of natural oils. Robinia wood makes for durable fitness areas that are nearly maintenance-free and last for many years.