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Active Boardwalk

Making exercise a breeze in this outdoor fitness space

The elegant, curved structures elevate the outdoor fitness space, whether it be on a boulevard, promenade, park, or skyscraper rooftop. This solution requires little safety surfacing and blends well into any natural setting. The exclusive design and organic shapes invite and attract people to get closer, exercise, and enjoy the view. Factor in there is something here for everyone, and now users of all ages and abilities are motivated to get moving.

People out for a stroll interested in the outdoor stationary cardio bikes will sit down and take it for a spin. It'll give that daily dose of cardio a boost while still appreciating the same scenery. The magnetic bells progress in weight and offer everyone from beginners to seasoned lifters a challenge. The training value is huge with so many exercises made available at this outdoor training station. Big enough for a complete sports team or a school class, it is a perfect solution for a small space with large ambitions.


Equipment at this park

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