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Cosmos Multi Sport

De innovatieve multisportvelden in staal- en HDPE-panelen stimuleren kinderen om sport te verkennen terwijl ze socialiseren. Samen met de vele spelvormen biedt het ook een omgeving voor sociale interactie wat nieuwe vrienden maken bevordert. Het is een plek voor lichamelijke activiteiten die tieners aanmoedigt om een actieve en gezonde levensstijl te leiden.

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The innovative multi sport pitches in steel/HDPE encourage children to explore sports while they socialise. The High Density Polyethylene, HDPE, is extremely strong, abrasion resistant and exhibits a low coefficient of friction. The material is also moisture, stain, and odour resistant. Amongst its many uses is as cutting boards for food.

FAQ for Cosmos Multi Sport

How many can play at any one time?

The various sizes determine how many can participate. The nature of the arenas and what sport is being played tends to self-balance the numbers. The Cosmos reduces the need for goalkeepers. Most teens have groups of close friends, the perfect number for a quick game. Soccer is said to have eleven-aside because they ‘borrowed’ their first rules from cricket. Somehow that number seems to fit perfectly onto a pitch. 

What is the difference between an arena and a stadium?

Stadiums tend to be larger seating capacity, American Football, soccer and rugby are played in stadiums. Ice hockey, basketball and handball in arenas, usually to audiences of less that 20,000. The word arena incidentally comes from the Roman name for the sand used to cover the ground after a bloody gladiatorial fight.