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Stay Fit

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Stay Fit

Blijf fit, blijf bewegen 

Naarmate we ouder worden is onze mobiliteit van vitaal belang. Om geen last van beperkingen te krijgen, moeten we actief ons lichaam mobiel en onze geest scherp houden. Stay Fit is ontworpen om actief en gezond ouder worden te bevorderen en om revalidatie na een blessure buiten in de openbare ruimte mogelijk te maken. De Stay Fit-serie biedt een breed scala aan trainingsstations waarmee fundamentele vaardigheden worden geoefend. Elk station is geïnspireerd door activiteiten en obstakels die u in het dagelijks leven ook kunt tegenkomen. Voorbeelden zijn traplopen en balanceren op een ongelijke ondergrond.

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Stay Fit

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The average lifespan of a caveman was 25 years. Today if you live in Monaco you can expect to reach almost 90. It is easy to point towards lifestyles as the source of this substantial but slow improvement, but the speed of the increase in our life expectancy is really quickening. In 1800 in Europe the average life expectancy was 34 years, by 1950 it was 62 and by 2020, it was 82 – by 2050 they expect, based on pre-Corona statistics, for Europeans to get an extra couple of years. What is behind it?  Better diet, medication and lifestyle are principal factors. They are all important and interact, but of the three, only lifestyle can be conducted without additional cost. Getting out there and doing it - KOMPAN Stay Fit equipment is a free ticket to better health.  

Frequently asked questions about the Stay Fit

Do I need to be fit to stay fit?

Obviously if you are fit then it is easier to stay fit and to move your fitness up to a new level. However the Stay Fit equipment is not a vigorous workout, it replicates the movements essential for everyday mobility and through that the freedom to have an active life. These are often labeled ‘the golden years’ but for far too many they represent the ‘rust era’. 

How many people can participate at the same time?

The equipment is for communal use rather than mass. Of course doing the exercises in conjunction with others adds to the enjoyment and happiness is the often underappreciated health benefit. As with most of KOMPAN's Outdor Fitness products, one of the offshoot benefits of the StayFit equipment is the creation of new friendships.

Do I need expert help to understand how to use the Stay Fit equipment?

No, the exercises are simple. Beyond sustaining or improving mobility, a major benefit is in building confidence. Conducted frequently, the basic exercises will help in avoiding a potentially harmful trip or fall.

Any tips to avoid trips and slips?

Being more certainly helps in terms of agility and response, but one good way to stay out of the doctor's office is to avoid making life at home an obstacle course. Good lighting is important, get rid of trailing cables, tricky rugs and unsuitable floor coverings. Uneven or damaged floors and stairs are also traps. Then there is poor housekeeping, with a bag or box lurking where it shouldn’t be, or a spill on the floor left ‘to clean up later’.  A tidy living space is a safer living space.

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