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Jerusalem Sacher Park

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Custom playground in Jerusalem Sacher Park with view to the city

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Sacher Park


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A playground to honor history

The Jerusalem Sacher park was inspired by the history and unique sites of the ancient city that it is located in. The Robinia lion is a reference to the official symbol of the city of Jerusalem, and it represents ‘the Lion of Juda’.

In the magical streets of the biblical city Jerusalem there is a remarkable tower standing tall above the walls of the ancient city. ‘The tower of David’ is a unique historical iconic symbol of Jerusalem. We created the reference to the tower of David by placing the big high tower right in the front line of the playground, so it will be seen from the main roads leading to the park. The skywalks & high bridges are a reference to the ancient walls that can be walked on and see the view of the ancient city.

jerusalem park-plaground tower
The Robina towers, the climbing nets and climbing elements and the unique swings represent the combining of the old and the new in Jerusalem, precisely as the ancient city is nowadays combined with new scenery and continuing development.
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