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Natural Wood Climbing Structures

Perhaps it is something in our deep past, but the desire to find and summit natural climbing structures is instinctive. So instinctive that it is an integral part of developing the proprioceptive system – the neurons that flash signals to give you a sense of movement and body position. It’s a sort of built-in gyroscope system that keeps us from falling over. Using their own body weight to help build arm and leg muscles helps children be active in other ways – skills like kicking a ball or running both draws on the child’s ability to balance and move freely. Through natural climbing, the limbs are telling the brain what they are capable of so that any future activity is assessed, even if it is unrelated to clambering up a rope net, for example, lifting and carrying a bucket of sand. Training this cross-coordination skill also helps children in learning to read.

The desire to climb starts even before a child can walk, but it only reaches effective proficiency by the time the child is of school age. A tree with low-hanging branches, and an obvious natural climbing structure, is a great temptation to your average 6-year-old.  With unique Robinia climbing structures like the Tree Climber or the challenging Six-sided climbing structure, they can enjoy the same rewards of a sense of achievement and growing self-esteem. 

Natural robinia wood climbing structures work equally well in urban and rural locations. In a park, close to trees, the natural wood equipment blends in seamlessly with the landscape, while in a city, the natural climbing structures offer a welcome respite from concrete.

Robinia natural climbing equipment can be placed in numerous ways – alone, together, in an obstacle course and to complement many other Robinia structures like our nature-themed play.

Let your imagination inspire you!

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How to choose a natural climbing structure

First and foremost is quality - Quality should play a major factor when deciding which climbing structure is best for your children, park, or school.

Size - How big does it need to be? Most natural climbing structures are big enough to allow around ten or more children on at once, however, this will, of course, depend on the size of the space you have. You may want to incorporate several smaller structures into your nature space.

Budget - KOMPAN has natural climbing frames to suit most budgets, from modest to extravagant.

What is nature play?

Nature play can be considered anything with a natural feel or appearance to it. Normally made of wood, nature play equipment is becoming ever more popular as councils and schools alike look to bring nature to urban and educational areas for children to enjoy. Explore the rest of our nature play collection, including our obstacle course playground equipment and commercial wooden swing sets.

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