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Sand and water play stations introduce a new level of playground activity – something unpredictable, something open to interpretation and invention. Best of all, it's hands-on, very hands-on. The sensory feeling of sand and water running through fingers is a natural draw. It brings children together to observe, contribute and learn. It is a starting point in setting goals and the problem-solving involved in attaining them. It is also an introduction to basic mechanics and physics, the excavator that lifts and swivels, the crane that grabs, the channels that transport water, and exploring the many ways of getting sand to mold into shapes. Shapes that constantly change and then revert to their original state, an endless play option. The only thing that remains, is the considerable development process in the child’s ability to communicate, think freely, be creative, and enjoy the feeling of personal achievement.

We all know the feeling of sand running through our fingers. Why? Because we’ve done it so many times as children. Sand and water simply fascinate children and they can spend hours here, fully absorbed in play. Besides being fun, playing with sand and water has a huge developmental impact on a child. Constructing things in the sand, for example, gives a child a sense of success and stimulates his/her creativity. KOMPAN’s Robinia sand and water stations encourage children to play together. They learn to take turns and observe how their peers unfold their creativity.

KOMPAN’s sand and water stations come in many shapes and sizes – all of them have an appealing look that awakens the curiosity in children.

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Our Robinia sand and water play tables are based around a number of themed units all sharing one common characteristic - they are slightly raised so as to let the sand dominate and for the water to flow naturally.

How can you keep sand clean?

Visual inspections are important in sand areas and removing all rubbish is important. If this isn't possible the sand can be replaced.

What preservation does the wood need?

Robinia has natural qualities that resist rot and pests and KOMPAN offers an industry-leading warranty - for more information on our warranty contact our office.