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A Robinia playground by KOMPAN with a wooden playground village and wooden houses

Small play features with big opportunities

The charm of the Robinia Village is in the scale of both size and choice. The village may be small, but it is full of opportunity and character. Built around simple themes like a Forest Shop or the tantalizingly menacing Wizards Hideaway, the Robinia wood is put to good use in creating inviting play spaces. Even by installing just a couple of elements, the wooden village invites a community atmosphere where young children learn to communicate, developing language skills and an understanding of sharing, as well as the need to make decisions as they negotiate exciting obstacles like the Valley Bridge and spider nets. Let the adventure begin with natural playground equipment!

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    Robinia Village

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    The Robinia Village provides solutions that are thrilling for children who want to challenge themselves by using the towers and nets. Even if it is possible to only install some of the elements, the Village can help children to communicate, develop new skills, and become more active as they navigate over bridges and nets.

    The Robinia tree provides fine-grained, strong, durable timber which is perfect for play units and each piece is unique.

    How are the products shipped?

    Units are fully assembled and improved in the factory before being disassembled and shipped to the site where install crews will reassemble each unit.

    Is it possible to make changes to the units?

    Some changes are possible and our design team has many years of experience in playground design. We can advise on what best suits your play area. Contact our office for more information.