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Commercial embankment slides and playground hill climbers are favourite play activities for children of all ages. A hillside slide kit differs from a regular slide by being installed without a regular play structure. Because hillside play activities are installed directly on a hill turf or an embankment, this play activity encourages playful interaction with friends when running down or climbing the same hill. Supplemented by a climbing hill enables stability when climbing, balancing or running up and down the hill. It makes children loop uphill and slide down again and again.

Available in different sizes and variants, our embankment slider category enables fun for one or more people at a time. Slides with extra width add a highly desirable rough-and-tumble element when friends go down the slide together. This is also a social-emotional benefit, further enhanced by children's cooperation skills when they slide together. The extra width allows caregivers to join in the play.

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Corocord™ Slides & Hill Climber Ropes surfacing

When preparing your playground for playground equipment, removing dirt is often costly. This is where a hillside slide or playground climbing hill comes in handy. Using excess dirt to create a great play activity within your playground is a win-win. You can aesthetically use natural grass as surfacing for a more natural look. Or, you can choose a more functional surfacing with the FLEXOTOP™ ECO. Available in various colours, this surfacing provides brilliant shock absorption thanks to its two-layer design.

With a FLEXOTOP™ solution, designers let their imagination run free, and the children love the bright, vibrant colours. The soft yet firm surfacing is highly inclusive, enabling wheelchair users to freely access and move around the playground. The FLEXOTOP™ provide a clean, fun and comfortable surface with low maintenance costs.

Please do not hesitate to contact your nearest play consultant if you have questions about surfacing or hillside playground equipment.