Tower Slide 1.4m high

The Tower Slide appeals immensely to children. With its climb and slide variation, children will try it out again, training cardio and muscles as they loop the slide and the varied climb accesses. The inclined net access is a fun challenge to climb, and it trains the child's proprioception: the automatized awareness of where the body parts are in space an how much force and distance it takes to move securely. The sturdy stair-way is a even more challenging with its chunky-grip, vertical steps. The platform offers a nice view. The slide is an all time favorite, tickling the stomach all way down. When children slide, they train their core muscles, sitting upright while sliding down. This stimulates trunk stability, important for avoiding back and neck pains – a growing problem in children due to sedentary lifestyles. So playground play and the Tower Slide play a – fun- role in children's health.