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Circuit Training

design idea of an outdoor fitness area for circuit training

An effective outdoor workout solution

Circuit Training is a compact and efficient training area with cardio and outdoor strength training equipment. This outdoor circuit includes some of the most popular indoor cardio and strength machines, which will ensure the user an effective full-body workout. The machines are adjustable, so they fit the user’s individual fitness level. The outdoor gym equipment are easy to use and highly resistant against wear and tear, which makes the site perfect for communities and parks. A timer is placed in the middle of the circle, making it suitable for interval training or other timed workouts.



Chest Press

Chest Press


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Injury Prevention Zone


Design Idea

design concept of outdoor cardio machines and cross training by a boardwalk

Active Boardwalk

Design idea of an outdoor gym and playground destination area for communities

Destination Area

running track at Stuytown Fitness Playground in New York

Stuytown Fitness Playground, United States

community playing basked on a multi games area in Denmark

Sydbyens Bevægelses Park, Denmark

People working out on calisthenics outdoor fitness at Freilassing Sportspark

Freilassing Sportspark, Germany

Outdoor fitness site at Capestone, Australia

Capestone Fitness, Australia

people working out at outdoor gym at Taman Jurong Park

Taman Jurong Park, Singapore

Cross training system and multi-court at Truchtersheim

Truchtersheim, France

People working out at Henry Rolland Park outdoor fitness site


Outdoor fitness site with obstacle course and functional training at Geispolsheim Sports Centre


Cross training systems in beautiful scenery at Vangsvatnet lake, Norway

Voss Activity Park, Norway

Streeth workout and calisthenics outdoor gym equipment at Varkaus Activity Area

Varkaus Activity Area, Finland