Introducing: The Scooter Carousel

Girls having fun on the scooter carousel at a KOMPAN playground

small addition - big impact

Increase recess activity in your schoolyard

Looking for an option that takes up minimal space but will increase recess activity? The Scooter Carousel might be small, but it features one of children's absolute favourite play activities - spinning! Made for schools, it is a great stand-alone add on to your schoolyard.

Girls spinning on KOMPAN scooter carousel a new 2023 dynamic product


Scooter carousel, 2023 playground product news.

Hold on tight

The scooter carousel has a roomy platform, here three girls play at a time

Roomy platform

Two boys playing on the scooter carousel

Fun with friends

Closeup of scooter carousel playground product from KOMPAN

Multiple colour options

Apart from being physically exhilarating, spinning and rotation are essential for child development. It is one of the most efficient ways to train the sense of balance.

From white paper "Spin to think" by Jeanette Fich Jespersen - Head of the KOMPAN Play Institute

The research behind


青少年是世界上体力活动最少的人群,但 通过KOMPAN游戏研究中心的研究,可以了解如何激励他们在游乐场进行体育活动


New research shows that it isn't merely children's bodies and sense of balance that benefit from spinning. A great sense of balance affects their learning skills positively: a great sense of balance is closely connected to mathematical skills.

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