Castle Spire Tower

A lot of play in little space: The Castle Spire Tower will inspire young children to play actively and imaginatively, using their muscles to climb to the top and slide to the ground. The climber access provides an age-appropriate challenge to strengthen muscles and help develop cross-coordination skills. This enhances children's abilities to use both sides of their brain and supports the internal structures that enable reading and thinking. On the platform, a balcony invites for a view of the playground, adding a feeling of thrilling height. Sliding is immensely thrilling, it also supports posture and balance, important skills for young children as they grow. They are fundamental for all other physical skills and builds up confidence to navigate the world securely The play inspires dramatic play with castle and treasure themes. The treasure box under deck is a popular place to store things. In young children this stimulates the understanding of object permanence: that things can exist even if they are out of sight.