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Aire De Jeux Montaudran

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Fly away in the Bréguet XIV

“Place de l'Aéropostale”, the heart of the Montaudran Toulouse Aerospace district has a new play area for the children. It’s bearing the image of the Bréguet XIV, the mythical Aéropostale plane, and reminds us that the district was once a land of flight. The custom playground plane was made in collaboration with Seura Architectes - Paris

KDSC FR Aire-de-jeux-Montaudran 2
Circled by a new buildings area, Children can have fun piloting a tailor-made reconstruction of the Breguet XIV aircraft, which was used during the First World War as a bomber.
Aire-de-jeux-Montaudran FR KDSC
KDSC FR Aire-de-jeux-Montaudran 1

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