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Square Capitan

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Three boys climbing on climbing trail at Square Capitan

Playground to tell the story of Paris

As the Latin Quarter is a historic district of Paris, the city is particularly proud of the local and idyllic park with a 2000-year-old Roman arena. To provide families with a place to rest in this unique location, the city of Paris wanted to build a play area themed to respect and enhance the ancient architectural surroundings.

The result is a playground whose thematic design blends in perfectly with its surroundings. The natural colors and special play elements inspire children to immerse themselves in ancient Roman times while playing. It is the ideal place for families to play and enjoy the historical flair.

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The richness of KOMPAN's product range makes it possible to choose playgrounds according to the theme that the designers decided.

Stéphane Andreone - Landscape and Playground Responsible, City of Paris

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Playful history lesson

The playground offers play value for children of all ages. Exciting for the preschoolers is the play tower with numerous elements to explore. On the ground level play spaces with play panels invite children to learn cause-and effect understanding and to create a feeling for sounds with the music panel. Mobility is required when crossing or standing on the U net. A thrilling feeling is created when the children use the slide or the fireman's pole to exit the elevated level. 

Older children love the spider net where they can climb, swing, slid, bounce, and balance. The net has space for lots of children which encourages social play and therefore, is the perfect spot to make friends. A further climbing challenge offers the climbing rock. Through the varied grip and panel positions muscle strength and cross-body coordination are developed. It's guaranteed not to be boring on this playground

Freude an Bewegung: Motorik, Muskeln, Kardio und Knochendichte
Freude an Bewegung: Teamwork, Toleranz und Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl
Freude an Bewegung: Neugierde, Verständnis für kausale Zusammenhänge und Allgemeinwissen

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Vierer-Wippe Kleeblatt

Vierer-Wippe Kleeblatt


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