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Lincoln Park

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A recreational area fostering social interaction and physical activity for all age groups

With Lincoln Park, Boston has finally reached its goal of a maximum distance of a 10-minute walk to the nearest recreational area, and offers the citizens of Somerville respite from the city environment. The densely populated area has limited space for outside activities, so creative solutions were needed to create a place where residents of all age groups are offered the opportunity to socialize, become engaged and be challenged. The designers at Somerville required both elevated play and tree preservation, which can be a difficult combination due to root-systems. KOMPAN’s Sky Walk structure fulfilled these requirements. Furthermore, it was an optimal solution for the small playground, since it made play possible both in the air and at ground level below. Building a beautiful Sky Walk, play was not only integrated in the trees – but also created an iconic city landmark.

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Adventurous play and progressive experience

Climbing their way up The Sky Walk, children will be challenged on their strength, balance and coordination skills. The bouncy net meshes train children in logical thinking and concentration, just as their cooperation skills will be developed by the swaying nets. Having the courage, strength and skills to reach the top might take more tries and visits, giving a successful progress experience and fostering self-esteem when new heights are reached. Passing through the sky cabins and bridges, the children are taught turn-taking skills, just as their spatial awareness is developed before they finally are rewarded with a stomach-tickling ride back down.

Freude an Bewegung: Motorik, Muskeln, Kardio und Knochendichte
Freude an Bewegung: Neugierde, Verständnis für kausale Zusammenhänge und Allgemeinwissen
Freude an Bewegung: Teamwork, Toleranz und Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl
Freude an Bewegung: Gemeinsames Gestalten und Experimentieren mit Materialien

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