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Play for all ages

The ELEMENTS™ ESSENTIALS series matches the developmental needs of children of all ages. Customize your playground to fit the youngest with the 2-5 years portfolio or make it fit the older children with the 5-12 years portfolio. Or, as something unique for ELEMENTS ESSENTIALS, customize it to fit all ages in one playground with the 2-12 years portfolio. 

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Elements essential play system in a park, supports children from 2 to12


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Smart Playground™ (DIGITAAL)

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Physical play in premium quality

Sometimes, all children need is a place to burn off energy and explore their physical abilities through play. ELEMENTS™ ESSENTIALS is all you need to create a fun and physically developing playground for children of all ages. The series is loaded with physical play that draws on classic play activities like crawling through, climbing up and sliding down, ensuring long playtimes, high physical activity and all-round physical development of the child.  

Rooted in premium design

Utilizing the same design base as our premium play solution New ELEMENTS™, ELEMENTS™ ESSENTIALS has adopted a first-class look and premium structure quality, together with a high degree of configuration flexibility. Besides being in the usual premium KOMPAN quality with the usual attractive KOMPAN warranty conditions, all play structures within the series are available with or without roofs or with a shading solution. Play activities and materials can be modified to fit customer wishes.