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MOMENTS™ Hercules

Children having fun sliding and climbing on a MOMENT play system

Play Designed for Maximum Toughness

MOMENTS™ HERCULES is a fun and rock-solid play experience for children. The materials used in this product line are carefully selected to provide a long lifespan and are highly vandalism resistant, making this solution ideal for a city’s unsupervised areas. The play activities within HERCULES Preschool play equipment stimulate children's instinct to play through a range of traditional play activities, like sliding, gliding, climbing, and the exploration of cognitive elements. HERCULES age 5-12 equipment understands that children of this age require different stimuli. Some climb and stimulate their physical abilities and coordination, others take time-out to reflect and chat in the calm hangout spots. HERCULES products are made for all children and the many ground level activities and low entry points make them highly inclusive structures.

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