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A GIANT playground tower that's colossal fun

A pre-built, all-in-one play system with a wide variety of play activities, the commercial GIANTS Play Towers will WOW in ways beyond its impressive height.

Soaring up to 29 feet, these towers are the playground equivalent to a Toronto or Vancouver skyscraper. They dominate the schoolyard or park landscape with their commanding presence, becoming an irresistible magnet tokindergartners, teens, and everyone in between. Enclosed in various see-through and themed panels, children from six to twelve can choose their own journey and navigate toward their desired interests. For the fun route down, they'll decide to enter the dark tunnel that opens up into a fresh-air slide or return to the start, step-by-step. 

The tall GIANT playground towers are jam-packed with physical and cognitive play activities from top to bottom, inside and out, all designed to WOW and challenge school-aged children. The exterior panels with themed graphics will add an extra layer of play by fueling their imagination.

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Benefits of Playground Towers 

The dominant feature of a GIANT playground tower is its height. It's an obvious observation at first glance, but what's less noticeable is the increased physical effort it'll take to reach the top! At a towering 29 feet, even the most daring of teenagers will be reminded of that height on their way down the slide as the speed significantly increases. The height also means that the bridge ways between the tall and the second tower can be dramatic, perhaps offering children the biggest single challenge in the play feature. 

The GIANTS playground towers are playground systems that come with a massive invitation to play. Similar to our Galaxy and BLOQX climbing boulders play systems, these giant playgrounds encourage age-appropriate creative play that helps build language and communication skills and encourages teamwork. When kids play, they develop games and rules, realizing the best play happens through cooperation. It's a way for children to develop skills that help them excel into adulthood and beyond, but today, they're simply having fun. Playground towers are also great for practicing safe risk-taking. Tweens and teenagers can explore their limits in a safe and controlled environment, like sitting at the top of the tower or crossing a rope bridge. 

Age-Appropriate Play Equipment for Teenagers  

The open and closed slide and the fireman's pole and bannister bars offer children a ride at their own pace, developing social-emotional skills like self-regulation and empathy. The balance bridge and pipe climber add another element of thrill by stimulating cross-coordination and the sense of balance and space, skills useful in navigating street traffic. On the ground level, play shells and hammocks create an attractive point for everyone to participate and make friends in play.

The ability to accommodate many children on a single play system is a major advantage for organizations wanting to satisfy many children simultaneously, and the diversity of play opportunities it offers. A GIANT playground tower offers many activities in one, rather than compiling multiple pieces of freestanding equipment.

Choosing the Right GIANTS Playground Tower 

The commercial GIANTS playground towers are about focused adventure, often with themes appropriate to their surroundings. They can tell the specific story of community's history, or in broader terms, take play into faraway jungles or oceans; frozen arctic tundra or the vast outer space. These playground towers are GIANT in size and gigantic challenging play motivators, making them perfect playground equipment for teens. A large, visually-appealing structure is a playground centerpiece that draws in children and turn your park into the community's place to be! By making the long-term investment in our playground towers, you're investing in commercial-grade quality for safety and longevity.

Frequently asked questions

What exactly is a giant playground tower, and what makes it unique?

A giant playground tower sets itself apart from other playgrounds by concentrating play activities into one play system. Typically, play activities on public playgrounds are spread out, whereas our commercial playground towers stack different play activities on top of each other in the same space, creating a more cohesive play experience.

What are my customization options?

You've got plenty! Our GIANTS playground towers are one of your greatest options in showcasing your community's story or providing play activities fit for the children in your area. Our team is ready to start the conversation on design customizations, reach out today!

What maintenance routine should I come to expect?

We protect our children best when we know the structures and surfacing they play on are regularly inspected for safety. We typically recommend operational inspections every 1 to 3 months. Please contact your local sales consultant for more information on maintenance. Templates for maintenance inspections can be downloaded from

Are the giant playgrounds safe? 

Yes. The posts used in our GIANT playground towers use a hexagonal pattern, giving it a voluminous look and providing maximum stability. A triangular side tower supports all features to provide extra support. Our commercial playground towers comply with Canadian safety standards and include safety features like nets and protection.

What's the best environment for a giant playground?

Public parks, schoolyards; anywhere with ample space that can accommodate many children will be a great fit. A commercial playground tower will command attention with its mammoth height and vibrant colors, so consider a giant children's playground if creating a true attraction is a priority.

What's the play capacity of the GIANTS playground tower?

In truth, we don't place a numerical limit. Each GIANT has a different configuration and size. All materials are tested and surpass the highest Canadian safety levels in the industry. Being the "play experts" that they truly are, children have a natural ability to self-adjust when playground activity gets too crowded or is possibly in need of a few extra hands.