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BLOQX™ - Taking playground climbing walls to new heights

The BLOQX play system is one part playground rock wall, one part art structure, and all parts irresistible to older children.

Roping into the scaling trend of bouldering gyms across Canada, the BLOQX™ play system rises above playground stereotypes. Hand holds scattered across a geometric shape, this modern take on playground climbing wall panels challenges and impresses the crowd most difficult to WOW on the playground: the teens and tweens. Playground boulders are a natural stimulator for developing physical strength as the climber ascends the structure, as well as cognitive thinking in their efforts to find the "best" way to the top.

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    What are the benefits of BLOQX™? 

    The benefits of BLOQX™ are as abundant as the number of routes to take to the top! It’s a geometrical puzzle and challenging climb that tests both their mind and muscles. Every time they’re gripping a new hand hold, they’re grabbing onto an opportunity to improve body coordination, proprioception, and spatial awareness. The reward for summiting the playground bouldering wall is quiet reflection on a solo ascension or a moment of socialization when doing a group climb. Children can also elevate their social-emotional skills, like empathy for other children climbing, and concentration are also used on the BLOQX™.  

    Why is Climbing important? 

    Research suggests that challenging climbing equipment is fundamental for proper development, and the BLOQX™ structures bring older school kids more growth opportunities than the average playground rock wall. The top of the cube is a perfect hang-out spot to chat with peers after a challenging climb. Climbing strengthens children’s cognitive development and supports working memory, leading to better performance upon returning to the classroom. 

    Other great play systems for older school kids are large preconfigured playground units, like our GIANTS, our rope climbing playground structure GALAXY™, or the fitness playgrounds.

    Scalable and Customizable Climbers 

    It's instantly noticeable that BLOQX™ is a unique piece of playground equipment, and it's made even more individual in its color options. The pentagon shapes are a single color, with complimentary tones available for the sides. This flexibility in color and configurable options (choose between one, two, even six cubes) can make for a one-of-a-kind playground bouldering wall. Make the sustainably conscious choice with our dark teal GreenLine BLOQX™.

    The sculptural concept behind the BLOQX™ is why these innovative playground boulders are a favorite choice of many architects looking for solutions that complement modern urban spaces.  

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can BLOQX™ be incorporated into any playground?

    They can! Though being a distinct "jewel" of a playground rock wall, BLOQX™ look best when paired with other unique playground equipment, like our modern GALAXY™ structures.

    How do I decide which BLOQX™ structure and format are right for my space?

    You decide on the location and number of playground climbing boulders. Our design team uses their expertise to shape the BLOQX™ into their most effective configuration.

    How high can BLOQX™ go?

    BLOQX™ can reach a maximum height of 9.84 feet.