Trailblazing Play for the Youngest

COROCORD™ Monkey Trails Mini

preschoolers playing on a mini playground climbing trail

Trailblazing play for the youngest

Children who play on early childhood climbing trails with manageable, age-appropriate, and fun play events gain essential social-emotional life skills and develop fundamental motor skills. As young children approach the Monkey Trails Mini, their eyes widen in awe of its vibrant design. They are instantly drawn to the bright colours and familiar themed-play shapes that ignite their curiosity. Bouncing surfaces, rope play, and explorative features create response and wonder, which are great play motivators.

Climbing net playground for toddlers with ground level hurdles, tunnel logs, and play panels entice children to play again and again. The Monkey Trails Mini has several challenging obstacles designed to cater for the 2- to 6-year-olds, and these challenges keep evolving with the child as it ages and grows skills. Equipped with little platforms along the trail, enables a rest to gather strength and work as a stepping stone to the next play hurdle.

Embarking on a Monkey Mini trail will always thrill little explorers and give the most incredible sense of achievement!

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preschoolers playing on a mini playground climbing trail

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Monkey Trails Mini Colour Options and Flexibility

The new Monkey Trails Mini structure is available in three vibrant, standard color concepts – red, blue, and green. You can exchange activities to expand the trail and challenges, or combine the Mini Dome and Monkey Trails Mini into one amazing play structure. Adding freestanding playground features such as the Playshell Climber can also add variety and give you an exciting, thrilling play configuration for all.

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