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Setting students up for success

An elementary school playground can be more than an outdoor space to send students during recess. With the right playground equipment, an elementary school playground can provide children with just as many developmental benefits as their lessons inside.

An appealing school playground is shown to improve classroom attention, peak their interest, and increase their desire to return to school. Every school deserves an exceptional playground, and that's why we've created elementary school playground equipment that will engage students of all ages with a variety of play activities.

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The best playground equipment for elementary schools

What will make an elementary school playground "top of its class?" A combination of sensory, physical, cognitive-creative, and social stimulation creates a multifaceted outdoor space for a child to learn and play.

Our range of elementary school playground equipment covers all play activities. From classic play favourites to today's modern rope playgrounds, a blend of these products are guaranteed to create an exciting, engaging playground for your students.

Are you looking to create a playground for toddlers? Please read about our preschool play equipment or our playground planning checklist for more information on planning the best toddler playground.

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The playground: an important place for learning

Taking a typical elementary school playground and turning it into an engaging educational space can complement the students' lessons inside the classroom. Innovative elementary school playground equipment will foster their creative, physical, and cognitive growth.

Are you considering outside solutions beyond the school playground? An outdoor classroom is a great way to breathe "fresh air" into the traditional lesson plan by taking it, and your students, to a new environment!

An outdoor learning space will provide:

  • Extra teaching space

  • Variety in your teaching style

  • More time outdoors for students

See how this Saratoga Springs, New York school found a two-fold solution in its outdoor classroom and playground!

"We want active play and active learning. In fact, we consider these playgrounds as outdoor learning spaces."

Orton Varona - President, North Tampa Christian Academy

Founded on research, driven by user participation

From the youngest kindergarteners to the older kids in the higher grades of elementary school, every student can benefit from a KOMPAN elementary school playground. All equipment and design choices are led by our team of child development and play experts at the KOMPAN Play Institute. This guarantees children are able to make age-appropriate decisions around the play they engage with; play that shapes their development and challenges their relationship with risk-taking.

The KOMPAN Play Institute works to answer the following questions to make sure a kids elementary school playground is both engaging and thrilling:

  • What encourages children to play, stay, and return to the playground repeatedly?

  • What designs and patterns inspire children to play and develop physically, socio-emotionally, and cognitively creatively?

Dive into more play research and learn more about KPI's work here.

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Top choices for elementary school playground equipment

Foster healthy competition, group play, and physical growth with these school playground equipment options:
Saimiri Trail


Saimiri Trail

5 - 12 Years

96 m2

24 Users

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Humble School District, Texas | KOMPAN





Customer Case

Oaks Elementary School

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