Welcome to Inclusive Talks

Join the KOMPAN Play Institute as we explore the vital role of play in child development and city placemaking in a series of video podcasts. Follow our conversations with world-leading specialists on children with disabilities, sensory integration, neurodiversity, and environments supportive of play.

Prof. Anita Bundy and Jeanette Fich Jespersen...

... discuss play and playfulness, focusing on children with neurodiversity. Sensory integration play an important role in play and affects socialisation and self-discovery. Children with neurodiversity face several playground challenges, such as understanding social cues when engaging in rough-and-tumble play. The talk highlights the importance of inclusive play environments that balance quiet and active spaces, as well as the misconceptions about arousal levels in children with neurodiversity during play and their need for self-regulation strategies. They address the need for inclusive cues and spaces for children with autism, concluding that all children need play opportunities to thrive and develop together.