Outdoor Cross-Training Equipment

The Open Ticket to Fitness

Cross-Training is amongst the most universal of exercise routines. Participants benefit, regardless of ability or age. To this we can add two other important ‘A’s, air and accessibility. Cross-Training outdoors has the additional value of filling the lungs with fresh oxygen and doing so without the need of a membership card.

KOMPAN’s outdoor training equipment reflects the performance value of indoor apparatus, but it is much more than a case of lifting gear out into the open. That simply wouldn’t work. Every piece of fitness equipment has been approached from a fresh angle, de-constructed, re-thought and then built to match climatic and physical demands. Those physical demands echo the realisation that there are individual challenges and are meet by equipment that can be adjusted to insure a valuable rather than sham workout.

The KOMPAN product line, Cross Systems, is not just appreciated by those who work out. In 2017 the system won the Good Design Award in Australia and the European Product Design Award.


Functional training systems are the most popular choice today for outdoor fitness locations. This is mainly due to the popularity of activities such as cross training, bootcamp training, calisthenics and street workouts. All fitness equipment has scalable resistance, allowing everyone to train according to individual levels of fitness. The intensity can be determined by adjusting the body position to reduce or add resistance, or by opting for a light, medium or heavy weights. Highly functional equipment combined with the appropriate space for group classes and social interaction, is key to motivating more people to be active.

Frequently asked questions about our Outdoor Cross-Training Equipment

How weather resistant is the equipment and can I train in any conditions?

Very, made from the most durable and robust materials, the equipment is built to last. Weather shouldn’t be a problem, excepting extremes. The equipment will always be ready for action, are you?

Do I need instruction on how to get the most out of the equipment?

No, it is very intuitive, however guidance from the KOMPAN app can help lift you to new levels of physical fitness.

Why do I feel better after an open-air workout session?

You answer the question in your question. Open air is very much the key. It helps clear your lungs. No amount of filtering can clean the atmosphere indoors to replicate fresh air. Indoor air often has a suboptimal balance of oxygen, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide, especially in enclosed rooms with little or poor ventilation. Of course, the positioning of the outdoor features is paramount to creating the perfect result. That opens the debate about which is better, sea air or mountain air. Mountain air contains less oxygen than air at lower altitudes, so breathing it causes the heart to beat faster and the body to burn more energy. A handful of studies have found that athletes training at high altitudes tend to lose weight. Sea air is really beneficial. The bracing climate by the sea is good for the respiratory organs and the skin, but also improves circulation and strengthens the body's defences.

What is a magnetic bell and how does it work? 

The ball comes in three weights, 6, 9 and 12 kilos and it goes up and down an aluminum post. The inner core contains magnets that create a resistance, so the faster you move the greater the resistance. 

What happens if you drop the bell?

When dropped it accelerates but the magnets slow it down through creating greater resistance.

Do you have to pick orange?

No there are seven standard colours, but the opportunity is there to custom the equipment to match your gym, school or city colours.

What is the target group?

Specifically made for universal appeal from beginners who can choose to start at their own level. Elite athletes can also set their own level. Clear signage enables maximum benefit from every session.

Does KOMPAN’s cross-training enable social interaction? 

Our cross-training systems are designed to enable people to train side-by-side. For trainers, this means a fast overview, enabling them to offer support and guidance where needed. Besides that, our sites are installed with breakout facilities for rest periods and social interaction. 

Can cross-training systems be used for professional purposes? 

Our cross-training solutions are designed to provide therapists and other health specialist access to equipment that is comparable to what they normally work with in their professional setting. 


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