MOMENTS™ Play Systems

Versatile and natural play tool


MOMENTS™ is a holistic, classic-looking play concept that embraces all stages of every child’s learning and development. Comprising of the broadest range of play activities and catering for the widest age group, from two to twelve, MOMENTS™ results in the most varied, flexible and ubiquitous play area. It is a greenhouse in which young minds and bodies to flourish.

Amongst the simplest of structural designs, it’s attraction is timeless. It sits comfortably in the corner of a school yard, it stands proudly in a park. A huge range, from the Classic in primary colours to the olive-green Pre School Towers Urban, to the dark green Nature, the broad inviting slides, the large platform decks where first friendships are made, the ‘dare devil’ one metre of rope ladder, all say enjoy the moment.

MOMENTS are truly the starting point on the life-long journey of play. The fundamental shapes will remain with the children for years as they evolve from one play feature level to another. The themed play items unfold a world of dramatic play scenarios, which builds up children’s social skills, imagination, empathy and collaboration. Dramatic and role play encourage use of language and communication skills which helps the children form new friendships and improve language skills.


How important is colour in a playground?

Colour is vital in all our lives. For children, it is the reason pastel colours flow in the nursery to induce calm, whilst strong primes dominate play. Green suggests balance and growth, red is energy and excitement, yellow is cheerful and happy, blue is trust and peace – and that’s why, particularly in early age playgrounds like MOMENTS, they are so predominant. It’s not just what the colours silently say, the strong colours help them distinguish between objects more easily.

Why are palaces castles and ships such popular play things?

The child may never have seen a palace or castle in real life, but traditional stories like Cinderella and The Princess and the Pea, along with more recent tales like Shrek, introduce them to a wonderful world of fantasy. Similarly with ships, particularly old wooden ones, they are the basis for many a cartoon or movie and at KOMPAN they are a constant feature in many play formats.

How long should a playground last?

The average life of a mass-produced car is twelve years. More than 60% of the Rolls Royce’s ever built are still roadworthy. There’s an analogy between playgrounds and quality built cars – with proper care the car’s body will last forever, but through usage tires, brakes and exhausts will need replacing, engine parts servicing. Leading playground manufacture KOMPAN after half a century of production, has grandparents taking children to playgrounds they used as kids. With the best warranties in the industry, they guarantee some parts like the car’s body, for life. Others, those designed to take all the knocks and spins, for two to fifteen years. However, they stress that with care, a playground should be there from one generation to the next.

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