Robinia Balancing

Down-to-earth learning 

Balance is a self-challenging game which embeds vital life skills into a child without them even noticing. It is often a simple concept, but whether it is a beam, a row of stilts or a wobble bridge the lure to ‘just try me’ is irresistible. Once a child embarks on a balance trial trail they return to it again and again until walking across the lily pads or the three beams becomes as natural as walking. 

The features can be as basic as a row of tree stumps, but it is still a test and one that delivers, like all the equipment, important development in terms of training eyesight and concentration that will prepare the child for school and make learning easier. Balance also stimulates the imagination. To a child, the row of steps can become the only route across a crocodile-filled lagoon or pit of molten lava and this they share with others developing social interaction skills.

A good sense of balance also helps the child be active – skills like kicking a ball or running both draw on the child’s ability to balance right. Robinia balancing equipment can be placed in numerous ways – alone, together, or in a line like miniature obstacle course. Your needs, your choice, your playground.

Besides being great fun, these activities combine to help children train their sense of balance, muscle strength and bone density. The use of natural Robinia allows the sense of being close to nature and with an almost infinite number of ways of combining the features each play area has its own unique quality.

The Robinia tree is a triumph of nature. As a tree, at every level it performs. It grows in poor soils, it feeds nitrogen into the earth encouraging other plants, it flowers to be the source of Acadia honey, its leaves breathe out Co2. It adapts well in urban areas, gracing many boulevards and streets. When cut as timber, the stump regenerates and grows back quickly. It is highly sustainable. The timber is fine-grained, strong and durable - the perfect material for play features. 

How do we get started? 

Finding the right products from the extensive range is the starting point. We encourage you to click and to be inspired by the amazing playgrounds we have installed around the world. Our very competent and experienced support team can then help you translate your wish list into your unique outdoor solution. Feel free to contact us and ask all your questions or to receive a quote.

Which is the most popular feature?

With balance is it a hard question since they are activity driven and kids tend to hop from one to another like bees gathering pollen. However, where there’s a cableway the children love the additional thrill and might nominate it. 

What preservation does the wood need?

Robinia as a tight grained hardwood has a natural quality that resists rot and pests. KOMPAN Robinia, from the day of installation, has an industry-leading 15-year warranty. In the US the warranty is 10 years. 

What is the best safety surface?

This is balance, not high wire, and the tumble distance is minimal. So it comes down to preference, but for play potential and minimal maintenance we’d urge you to look at the possibilities in colour from installing Flexotop™ as the safety surface.

Need advice?

We have more than 50 years of experience, and will support you throughout the project.


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