Slides, Swings, Seesaws and Springers – the four S’s - they are all freestanding playground equipment. Classics, they stand alone, together they become a playground, indeed no playground is really complete without them in some form or other.

KOMPAN has been at the forefront of playground design for half a century. Since a happy observation that turned some urban art into play features, the design teams and behavioral specialists have continually pushed the bar higher in terms of the joy and benefits a playground generates. The iconic Crazy Hen springer started a revolution that hasn’t stopped. Today’s playgrounds are spectacular in terms of themes and variety, but it is the freestanding equipment that can start the party rolling or be the icing on the cake.

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A broad range of playground classics

KOMPAN’s range of freestanding playground equipment offers a world of play opportunities. Each play feature also offers every child a platform for self-development. Our spinners and carousels help children train their sense of balance, build muscle strengths and bone density.

KOMPAN’s themed play elements encourage dramatic play in children, which stimulates their language development and cognition. Sand & Water play through creativity stirs a sense of achievement whilst just standing and waiting for the cableway is a lesson in patience and fairness before the thrill of the ride.

Who invented the Crazy Hen?

The Crazy Hen was invented by Tom Lindhardt in 1972. It was one of the first playground innovations from KOMPAN the world’s leading playground manufacturers who are headquartered in Denmark. Based on a securely grounded spring, the Crazy Hen was the first alternative to the seesaw with the advantage that you can do it on your own. It started a whole family of springers; there are currently over 30 variations.

What’s the best surface for playgrounds?

There was a time when you landed from swings and slides on concrete or gravel. There are many surfaces available today, all with virtues, some with drawbacks. Sand and woodchips for instance are cheap, but open to pollution from animals and is not wheelchair-friendly, tarmacadam is durable, but unforgiving and there’s the rubberized options. Safe to land on, like KOMPAN’s Flexotop which comes in 24 colours, allowing designers to turn the surface into a feature, creating pathways and ponds, fueling young minds and adding to the play value. 

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