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What does it take to make the world’s best playgrounds? What are the best play motivators for children to play, stay and come back again and again? Which designs inspire children to play and develop physically, social-emotionally and cognitive-creatively? These are the main research and innovation questions of the KOMPAN Play Institute.

The KOMPAN Play Institute is KOMPAN’s unit of play specialists, dedicated to developing, documenting and researching play and playgrounds. The KOMPAN Play Institute has been part of developing, researching and advocating playgrounds for KOMPAN since the 1980s.

The main work areas of the KOMPAN Play Institute are:

Research in playground and child development

Testing and documentation of play designs with children of all abilities

White papers, publications and research on playground-specific topics

Consultancy and advocacy on playgrounds and city planning for play



Play changes as times and lifestyles change, but children remain constant play experts in an evolving world. Successful play designs are based on their input, combined with a specialist insight into the ongoing changes in child development. Thorough research and a respectful mindset of carefully listening to and observing children at play are the corner stones of KOMPAN’s play innovation.

The KOMPAN Play Institute follows and conducts continuous research into play benefits and child development. These insights lie behind the briefs for play innovation. Documenting the play value and child benefits of play is a main expertise of the Institute. It cooperates with special design units within KOMPAN and tests prototypes with children, documenting the effects of playground play. Child approval and specialist documentation of play value throughout the design process ensures that KOMPAN equipment stands the test of attraction, retention and play value.



Jeanette Fich Jespersen

Head of KOMPAN Play Institute

MA in Nordic and Anglosaxon Philology


Suzanne Quinn

Manager KOMPAN Play Institute USA

PhD in Early childhood learning


Maria Ross Larsen

Research Project Manager, KOMPAN Play Institute

MSc in Economics and Business Administration - Market Anthropology


Thea Toft Amholt

PhD Student, KOMPAN Play Institute

MSc in Psychology

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