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River Grove Community Centre

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New playground attracts visitors from afar

A playground is often a place you only visit if you live in the vicinity of it. But River Grove Community Centre has changed that image, and families are driving in from the surrounding area to spend a day at the new, all-ages playground.  

The Community Centre was very specific on what they wanted in the new playground. It had to offer something for every age group, it had to be inclusive, and it had to challenge the children cognitively, creatively, and physically. In collaboration with KOMPAN, all their needs were met, and a playground for toddlers, teens, and tweens was built offering a thrilling experience for all. 

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I think it’s fun. I think it’s like the best playground I’ve ever been to ‘cause it has so much cool stuff.

Londyn - Playful kid

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Movimiento: motricidad, musculatura, cardio y densidad ósea
Aprendizaje: curiosidad, comprensión de las relaciones causales y conocimiento del mundo.
Comunidad: trabajo en equipo, tolerancia y sentido de pertenencia.
Creación: co-creación y experimentación con materiales

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