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Get in Motion with Commercial Climbing Net Playground Equipment

No other play equipment offers as many different opportunities to get in motion as a net climbing playground. In the Monkey Trails category, we offer the broadest range of three-dimensional net attractions arranged in different ways to match any site and budget - and play activities for different minds and body skills. You see, a well-arranged playground climbing net attracts boys and girls of all ages. The Monkey Trails playground climbing net holds a horizontal silhouette enabling children from the age of six and upwards to explore and enjoy varied climbing at all heights: Through, up or down, or across. An asymmetric set-up of the playground climbing net modules with their tricky obstacles calls for children's imagination and fantasy. With the selected planar nets, you can provide places for relaxing, hanging out, and observing how the other children solve the course.

So, to sum up, Commercial Climbing Net Playground Equipment consists of rope and climbing nets designed to promote physical activity and varied climbing that stimulate children's development.

Made from durable, resistant, high-quality rope, the Monkey Trails offer a jungle of fun for all the adventurous, cheeky monkeys out there.

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Benefits of Climbing Net Playgrounds

It is a scientific fact that developing a child's brain at early school age requires complex stimulation. Therefore, net playground climbing equipment is the perfect playground structure as the developmental benefits of climbing are plenty fold. From rope bridges to climbing domes, here are some of the most multi-faceted benefits of climbing:

Physical Benefits of Climbing

Climbing and balancing through the rope nets is challenging, fun training of the motor skills' ABC: Agility, Balance and Coordination. These motor skills are fundamental for children's ability to navigate the world confidently, but also their ability to, e.g., sit still. Children also strengthen their lower and upper body, which also helps develop fine motor skills.

Mental and Social Benefits of Climbing

Playing on climbing playground equipment involves turn-taking and waiting, which foster essential social skills, cooperation between children and friendships. As children venture through a playground climbing structure and challenge themselves, they will experience increased confidence and positive emotional development. The sheer thrill of climbing to the top also prompts a sense of achievement and accomplishment.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of climbing, why not explore the research behind in our white paper Climbing Clever (2020) .

Playground Climbing Nets for Adventurous Children

So, why go for a net climbing playground? Not only do they provide multi-faceted physical, social-emotional, and cognitive benefits, but they provide challenges for adventurous children. A large climbing net playground features various obstacles children can enjoy on many levels. In terms of playground equipment, a playground climbing net caters to many more play activities than your traditional playground equipment.

Diversity in Play Activity

Freestanding playground equipment offers traditional play activities that children love and are familiar with. This type of playground equipment promotes regular play; however, they also offer limited variety in play. Rope Climbing playground equipment offers physical and cognitive development by combining physical activities with problem-solving as children navigate challenges. Therefore, large climbing structures are often more attractive for children than traditional stand-alone play equipment: In size and diversity in play activity.

Space Constraints

A rope net climbing solution is hugely beneficial if you have a small play area on your hands. These rope climbing net structures are packed with play activities, so you get more value per square meter from your limited designated area.

Balanced Development

The Monkey Trails provide not just physical stimulation but also emotional. With such diverse play options, these climbing structures can also help children overcome their fear of climbing by "starting small" on a relatively flat climber and gradually working their way to the top. Thus, children can develop their physical strength and emotional courage in many ways over time. Four-year-old children can start exploring and practising their climbing skills on the Cabin Trail and Gorilla Trail.


Climbing net playground equipment has a wonderful expression that draws children in. Whether for a school area, park or community playground, our Monkey Trails solutions are high-quality products with a contemporary design that will stand out and attract children's attention. This magnetic pull leads to higher engagement, happier communities, and interest in what your area has to offer.

How to Choose the Right Climbing Net Playground

When choosing a climbing net playground structure for your playground area, there are quite a few things you can consider in your decision-making:

  • If you expect to host a diverse group of children, aim for a climbing structure with many play values and present meeting points and social spaces in the climbing equipment.

  • Consider inclusivity – feature entry point at ground level activities for children of all abilities. Providing accessible playground equipment can increase the community satisfaction.

  • Consider style in terms of the surrounding environment. Many colour options are available to ensure your chosen solution stylistically fits the area. Especially if you are going for a themed playground or if there's a playground already in place.

  • Consider making a discovery call with us. We can support your decision-making and make the right choice for your playground. Please do not hesitate to contact your local play expert for more information on our Monkey Trails net climbing structures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How safe are the climbing nets?

At KOMPAN, our priority is safety first and foremost, as we want a safe environment for children to explore and have fun. All our products and playground equipment comply with the most stringent safety standards. Please do not hesitate to contact your local sales consultant to learn more about safety standards in your region.

What materials are used for the rope?

Ropes are made of UV-stabilized PES rope strands with inner steel cable reinforcement. The polyester wrapping is inductively melted onto each strand to obtain excellent wear and tear resistance. Our rope and nets hold a 10-year warranty.

How durable are they?

All our playground equipment is engineered to last and made from high-quality materials making them highly durable. Please contact your local sales office for more information on KOMPAN's general terms and warranties.

How big are they, and do they require a lot of space?

We offer various climbing structures with several modules to choose from. Therefore, whether you have a small or large space, we have something that suits your needs.