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More Play and No Conflicts

How to create more play and less conflict in out-of-school programs

Millions of children benefit from programs and places to spend their time when school is not in session. A well-designed outdoor playground is a major component of a high-quality program. But what is a high-quality outdoor play environment for an out-of-school program?

Our current study takes a look at popular play spaces, active dwell time, and positive social play in outdoor playgrounds for after-school care.

White Paper

More play and no conflicts

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6 tips for designing playgrounds

6 Tips for designing playgrounds for out-of-school programs

  1. Design for active social play: Choose high-capacity responsive equipment.

  2. Design to enhance chase games: Chose a high-capacity climbing and perching piece.

  3. Incorporate paired spinning structures.

  4. Include a balance of "cool" yet challenging structures for older children.

  5. Create special hang-out spaces so children can retract or retreat but still see the playground.

  6. Design for gradual challenges when children of different age groups will use the same space.