Low-Carbon Climbing Structures

Children climbing on playground climbing structures at KOMPAN Denmark

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Climbing structures made of 76% recycled waste

The new climbing structures are not only more sustainable, but they also serve a teaching purpose for their young users. The climbing structures are made from textile and post-consumer waste sources, lowering the carbon emission footprint by up to 40% CO₂e/kg when compared to standard versions.

Girls balancing on the sway alley on a Danish playground

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Low carbon - how?

Sway alley balancing playground equipment with posts made of textile waste

Posts of textile waste

The posts on the climbing structures set are made of textile waste. A new ground-breaking innovation in sustainably conscious playgrounds - we call it TexMade™. Texmade™ posts have a 60% lower carbon-emission footprint compared to traditional steel posts.

Climbing structure for playground with panels made of post-consumer ocean waste

Panels made of ocean waste

The ocean green colored panels on the climbing structures are made of 100% post-consumer ocean recycled waste and have a lower carbon emission footprint than traditional panels.

How we craft our textile playground posts

... for older children, and even adults, new research has shown that climbing supports the working memory [...] In a child’s universe, it is the ability to remember what the teacher just told you

From white paper "Climbing Clever" by Jeanette Fich Jespersen & Suzanne Flannery Quinn - KOMPAN Play Institute

So basic, yet so important

Why add balancing & climbing equipment to your schoolyard?

By climbing, children have fun while developing important life skills. They enhance their reading skills and their memory.

Why is that? Climbing and balancing greatly impact motor skills like balance, cross-coordination, and cognitive development. But that's not why they climb; they're simply having fun!

children climbing on a playground climbing structure for schools

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Webinar: Sustainably conscious playgrounds of recycled waste

In 45 minutes, you'll have the secret to creating fun and engaging sustainable playgrounds with low-carbon emissions. You'll understand how the world's unwanted waste has been put to good use for children.

A boy walking through a green, sustainable playground

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