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Guest-attracting playground for retailers

While the kids are playing, mum and dad are enjoying their shopping or having a drink together. Many business owners know that a great playground can play a solid factor when it comes to attracting families, making them enjoy their time, and making them come back again and again. Because when the children are enjoying themselves, the parents get time to do their shopping or to enjoy a drink together. And this is not only good for families, this is also good for business, be it a shopping center, a restaurant, or anywhere you want to attract customers.

KOMPAN offers tailored solutions for retailers in order for you to get the perfect playground, which fits within your surroundings and aesthetic, and which will help make children enjoy the stay even more.

Our retail customers

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Shopping Center

The shopping center, Westfield North Lakes in Australia, has created an awesome ‘under the sea’ themed playground that is a destination in itself. The playground’s theme drew its inspiration from the ecosystem of the nearby Moreton Bay coastline. Children and parents can take a well-deserved break from shopping at the exciting playground and a bonus visitors stay longer at the mall. 

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retailers shopping center westfield north lakes

customer case


The famous beach restaurant Sansibar on the German island Sylt is popular for its exclusivity and quality of food and ambience. But there is another attraction that is particular exciting for families - the huge robinia playground. Sansibar’s owners have had a long association with KOMPAN and decided to refresh the previous KOMPAN playground with a nautical theme that nestles perfectly into the sand-dunned surroundings.

housing sylt

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Entertainment Center

Xscape entertainment center in England has a lot of exciting interior, but needed the exterior to match. With a big bright coloured playground, they made sure to have activities for all children no matter age or ability, and it fits in perfectly with the theme of Xscape.

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Shopping Center

The Moisselles-Domont shopping centre near Paris made shopping an unique experience with a new exciting playground. With four and a half million visitors a year they wanted to highlight the experience for customers with children and build a landmark that would entice children as soon as they see it from the parking lot.

Customer cases

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Westfield North Lake, Australia


Customer Case

Pirate playground ship in front of Xscape in Yorkshire

Xscape Entertainment Center, United Kingdom

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